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online slots for real moneyOnline casinos are today very popular amongst casino freaks and the new gen as they end up spending lots of their leisure time here playing their favourite casino games. Real series slots are one of these popular casino games. If you are like others, wondering what is so special about this game, why they are so popular and how to win at slots, read on to find all the answers to all your queries.

The first question that may spring to your mind is what exactly these real series slots games are. Well, these games are actually not very old, and are the reason why they are played with so much enthusiasm.

5 and not 3 reels

It is this new factor of the game that provides an element of surprise and freshness to the game, and its increased popularity. Real Time Gaming powers these casino slots online machines, which are the newest, hottest and most entertaining games available today.

If you are a person who wants to play easy, but entertaining games, then these games are just what you are looking for. Unlike the normal slots machines which have three reels, these games have five reels and thus offer as many as 25 play line for you to try your luck at.

Random mode

Another point worth mentioning about this game is that all its five wheels have scatters and wilds. The bonus rounds are activated by three or more wild-and-scatter combinations. The higher is the number of combinations, the bigger are the chances of your winning big payouts.

In case of jackpots, there is also a random mode wherein players can play at any machine at any time, and win the game with big profits. Playing slots online for real money is thus the best way to enjoy and have fun. These games let you enjoy surprise money through jackpots, as long as you first play the game.

Play safe

If you have the money and instincts to gamble, aim for big stakes. if you play online slots for real money with large stakes, you can earn lots of money. However if you don’t want to take risks and prefer playing it safe, it’s possible.

You can also play real series slots in a free play mode to just learn more about the game and enjoy yourself. Sites offering these games generally offer both options; play for free or for real money. It is up to you to make your choice- if you should play slots online for real money or if you plan to play it just for fun.


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While the rest of the world continue to try their luck by spinning slot machine wheels in online or offline mode, Australians try their luck by playing at Australian Pokies Site. For some in the United States, the term Pokies might be new. Pokies is nothing but the Australian equivalent of a slot machine. The term came in to prominence when video poker machines and slot machines were present in pubs across Australia. People started to refer to both the machines by using the slang word “pokies“. The word caught on in Australia, while, the rest of the world continued to call it as slot machines.

Payout Percentages in Australian Pokies

According to the laid down rules, real money pokies in Australia must have a minimum payout percentage of 87%. In Australia, there are no pokies that come with a pay back over 100%. The pay back for each machine is fixed at a certain level by the machine manufacturer. In Australia, Aristocrat is one of the major manufacturers of poking machines.

Australian Online Pokies

Australian online Pokies are much more advanced than the pokies that one can find in Australian clubs, pubs and Casinos. Australian club or casino pokies come with three reel with one line options or three reel with three lines or three lines with five lines. Australian online pokies come in a wider range that include five reels with five lines, five reels with fifteen lines, with twenty lines, with twenty five lines, with thirty lines, with forty lines, with fifty lines, with hundred lines, with two hundred lines and three hundred lines. Some of the popular online Australian pokies include Emu Casino, Winner Casino Australia and Casino Mate online casino Australia.

Range of Options provided by the Popular Australian online Pokies

Emu Casino Australia provides AU $10 as kick start cash bonus for a first time player. Additionally Emu provides a number of promotional offers such as Match deposit bonuses, increased cash back weeks and Casino races. As with the tradition in all the Australian Casinos, players can make easy and secure transfers to their Emu account using the POLi method.

Winner online casino features an exciting range of more than 400 games designed by one of the leading game developers, PlayTech. Winner online casino provides a special offer of free AU $30 to try the casino with no deposit required. They also have a first month bonus pack where the players have the chance to claim $1,250 in bonuses.

Casino mate online casino lets the player to have great fun in playing with iconic Australian figures like Kangaroo, Koala bear and the Sydney Opera House. Casino Mate provides AU$2000 bonus offer for the player to player in practice mode. Players get 1 hour of slot time during the practice period with real casino credits.

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Biking comes in various forms depending on the terrain one chooses to ride in. For those interested in peak riding, it will be important to research on what you need to start mountain biking. It will be important to remember that peak riding is a very physical and strenuous exercise that requires adequate preparation.

Safety should be the top priority. Considering the type of terrain that the biker will be covering, he will need to invest in a good helmet. Helmets can be located in a number of riding shops and must be worn correctly at all times.

Research will be very important when looking for a bike. There are different types of bikes that are available in the market. Each type will have its advantages and disadvantages and it is up to the shopper to identify all these. First time buyers can ask for help from more experienced riders.

Once the bike has been acquired, the next step will be to gather information on this particular sport. Information can be obtained from seasoned bikers as well as riding clubs. Joining a local club may be a good idea as it helps one learn new skills and also interact with the rest of the members.

Each individual ought to start by learning the most basic of skills. Pedaling, shifting gears and stopping abruptly are all skills that will come in handy once one has gone out in to the peaks. Bikes may have different gears and functionalities, but a good understanding of the basic skills will make it easier to adopt.

Before heading out in to the actual terrain, one can start by practicing in flat areas. It will also be important to cover all the beginner trails in order to fully understand what you need to start mountain biking. As the skills improve, the level of difficulty can also be adjusted.

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It is a common site in gyms finding many people on exercise bikes and treadmills. Both are ideal for working out lower body parts. To improve your legs, the exercise bike and treadmill at your gym would be the right option for you, not forgetting taking a bike ride in your neighborhood. It is however vital that you be conversant with the muscles that will be affected once you indulge in exercises involving this equipment.

When biking or using a treadmill, the muscles of your legs are bound to develop. The muscles that are highly targeted include the gastrocnemius, the soleus and the tibialis anterior. These muscles, located at the back of the calf or lower leg, are extremely powerful. Taking bike hikes or rides either in the neighborhood or at the gym gives you beautifully shaped and better looking quadriceps. Your hamstring also benefits from this by being made stronger. In the hamstring, the muscles likely to be developed include the vastus latoralis, semimembranous and the femoris.

Exercise bikes also enable you to exercise a varied set of muscles as well. The general leg region is worked on while targeting different muscles are targeted at the same time. Not only are your hamstrings, thighs and calves worked on but the buttocks area as well. A workout involving a bike targets the gluteus medius, gluteus maximus and the glutus minimus muscles located at your bottom. A consistent bike ride or workout also benefits the gracillis, satorius, magnus and the adductor longus. It is quite evident that working out using the bike and the treadmill improves the general condition of the leg muscles. Do not end up favoring either the exercise bike or the treadmill in isolation as your leg development is boosted and enhanced when both come into play. But if you are targeting a particular part only, then using the equipment that works the muscles of that particular part is essential.

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This is the winter session and if you’re considering biking during this time, you must think about how to stay warm. Below are 5 tips to help you keep warm whilst biking:

1. Keep your hands, feet and ears warm

Cold hand, feet and ears can ruin your winter ride. You should wear a helmet to keep your ear warm. Another option is to wear a tubular garment, bandana, wristband or ear warmers and so on. This can keep your neck warm. To keep your feet warm, wear a good quality pair of thick socks. You should wear gloves to keep your hands warm as well as ensure proper blood flow in the different hand parts on your handlebars. It’s important to wear something that fit you well to avoid too much insulation which can make you compromise your hold on the levers.

2. Keep dry

Biking when wet during cold weather can make your ride boring. A soaked jacket can reduce your ride’s fun. Make sure you protect your back from mud by using rear mud guard. You should go for lightweight rear mud guard. Another alternative is to wear a waterproof jacket.

3. Keep your heart warm

Wear an additional layer to keep your heart warm. You can wear either a biking specific a t-shirt or a usual vest. Wearing a biking specific vest can make you feel like a professional cyclist.

4. Stop to take regular warm drinks

The solution to cold biking conditions is to often stop often to have more warm drinks. The best natural beverage to during winter cycling is coffee as it can make your rid far more enjoyable.

5. Pedal quicker and harder

The best way to warm up is to pedal quicker and harder. Apart from wearing proper kit, you should also pedal fast and hard to keep yourself warm during winter cycling.

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Powerball is a very popular game in the United States of America. Many are the questions on how the game is played or precisely how Powerball works:
The first thing you have to do of course is to purchase your ticket or may be tickets if you need more than one. This qualifies you as a party to the game. The next thing the player has to do is to pick five numbers in the range of 1-59; again he/she has to pick one number known as the Powerball number which is between 1-35. A good trick the player has to know is that they can choose the numbers or opt for the quick pick way which is that the lottery computer selects the numbers randomly for the potential player. The second option (quick pick) is preferred by many people though all the two ways have equal chances of success.
Those with tickets may watch it on television usually on the available channels mostly before the news. Otherwise you can get the results from the official Powerball website only a few hours after the draws have been done. What follows is that you check your ticket and know how many numbers you have matched and verify how much money in prizes you have won.

It is a rule that all the prizes with the exception of the top three award winners can be collected any place that you buy the tickets. If you are among the winners of the top three prizes, you will have to go to one of the available lottery centre within reach or the state you live in so as to collect your award. For one to engage in the game they must be 18 years and above, no matter your residential status; you can play this games.
If it happens that the lottery is not in your state, you don’t have to worry because you can drive to another state and quench your game thirst. A notable thing is that the tickets are not sold online so as to curb irregularities. Moreover, the tickets are purchased in cash only. Each of the tickets goes for US $ 1.

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Any gym instructor would advise you about biking if calorie burning is the eventual target. Cycling, as known to all, is a very energy intensive form of exercise which invariably helps to have a positive effect on most body parts. This requirement of continuous energy during biking can be beneficial for those looking to get off some fat. People who are not interested in running, jogging, hopping or skipping can surely take up biking to keep themselves fit. The working out on treadmill, running or any other form of exercise won’t ever be able to burn as much calorie as cycling does. The best part is that a normal person can cycle for longer duration than what they can spend running or doing any other exercise. It’s not like other workouts are ineffective but still burning calories through biking can be fun and real easy too.

The amount of calories burnt during the ride will eventually depend on the speed and the distance travelled. However, on an average a single hour of biking should be able to cut out at least 500-1000 calories in a human body. This is way ahead of many other preferred exercises that are tiring but not as effective. The variable amount of riding speed during biking is advantageous as the heart rate goes up and down. The sporadic change in heart rate can actually use up body fat in the form of energy. Although the amount of calorie burnt will be determined by how the biking is done yet it is a great means to get rid of a few pounds when practiced regularly.

Start with half an hour of cycling and take it to an hour in a fortnight or so. Take any mountain bike or road bicycle, the riding period and speed needs to be controlled while varying them. After it becomes a habit to ride a bike, then doing it for an hour continuously won’t be hard. Staying fit and burning extra fat can both be achieved through regular biking.