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Any gym instructor would advise you about biking if calorie burning is the eventual target. Cycling, as known to all, is a very energy intensive form of exercise which invariably helps to have a positive effect on most body parts. This requirement of continuous energy during biking can be beneficial for those looking to get off some fat. People who are not interested in running, jogging, hopping or skipping can surely take up biking to keep themselves fit. The working out on treadmill, running or any other form of exercise won’t ever be able to burn as much calorie as cycling does. The best part is that a normal person can cycle for longer duration than what they can spend running or doing any other exercise. It’s not like other workouts are ineffective but still burning calories through biking can be fun and real easy too.

The amount of calories burnt during the ride will eventually depend on the speed and the distance travelled. However, on an average a single hour of biking should be able to cut out at least 500-1000 calories in a human body. This is way ahead of many other preferred exercises that are tiring but not as effective. The variable amount of riding speed during biking is advantageous as the heart rate goes up and down. The sporadic change in heart rate can actually use up body fat in the form of energy. Although the amount of calorie burnt will be determined by how the biking is done yet it is a great means to get rid of a few pounds when practiced regularly.

Start with half an hour of cycling and take it to an hour in a fortnight or so. Take any mountain bike or road bicycle, the riding period and speed needs to be controlled while varying them. After it becomes a habit to ride a bike, then doing it for an hour continuously won’t be hard. Staying fit and burning extra fat can both be achieved through regular biking.

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