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Powerball is a very popular game in the United States of America. Many are the questions on how the game is played or precisely how Powerball works:
The first thing you have to do of course is to purchase your ticket or may be tickets if you need more than one. This qualifies you as a party to the game. The next thing the player has to do is to pick five numbers in the range of 1-59; again he/she has to pick one number known as the Powerball number which is between 1-35. A good trick the player has to know is that they can choose the numbers or opt for the quick pick way which is that the lottery computer selects the numbers randomly for the potential player. The second option (quick pick) is preferred by many people though all the two ways have equal chances of success.
Those with tickets may watch it on television usually on the available channels mostly before the news. Otherwise you can get the results from the official Powerball website only a few hours after the draws have been done. What follows is that you check your ticket and know how many numbers you have matched and verify how much money in prizes you have won.

It is a rule that all the prizes with the exception of the top three award winners can be collected any place that you buy the tickets. If you are among the winners of the top three prizes, you will have to go to one of the available lottery centre within reach or the state you live in so as to collect your award. For one to engage in the game they must be 18 years and above, no matter your residential status; you can play this games.
If it happens that the lottery is not in your state, you don’t have to worry because you can drive to another state and quench your game thirst. A notable thing is that the tickets are not sold online so as to curb irregularities. Moreover, the tickets are purchased in cash only. Each of the tickets goes for US $ 1.

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