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This is the winter session and if you’re considering biking during this time, you must think about how to stay warm. Below are 5 tips to help you keep warm whilst biking:

1. Keep your hands, feet and ears warm

Cold hand, feet and ears can ruin your winter ride. You should wear a helmet to keep your ear warm. Another option is to wear a tubular garment, bandana, wristband or ear warmers and so on. This can keep your neck warm. To keep your feet warm, wear a good quality pair of thick socks. You should wear gloves to keep your hands warm as well as ensure proper blood flow in the different hand parts on your handlebars. It’s important to wear something that fit you well to avoid too much insulation which can make you compromise your hold on the levers.

2. Keep dry

Biking when wet during cold weather can make your ride boring. A soaked jacket can reduce your ride’s fun. Make sure you protect your back from mud by using rear mud guard. You should go for lightweight rear mud guard. Another alternative is to wear a waterproof jacket.

3. Keep your heart warm

Wear an additional layer to keep your heart warm. You can wear either a biking specific a t-shirt or a usual vest. Wearing a biking specific vest can make you feel like a professional cyclist.

4. Stop to take regular warm drinks

The solution to cold biking conditions is to often stop often to have more warm drinks. The best natural beverage to during winter cycling is coffee as it can make your rid far more enjoyable.

5. Pedal quicker and harder

The best way to warm up is to pedal quicker and harder. Apart from wearing proper kit, you should also pedal fast and hard to keep yourself warm during winter cycling.

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