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online slots for real moneyOnline casinos are today very popular amongst casino freaks and the new gen as they end up spending lots of their leisure time here playing their favourite casino games. Real series slots are one of these popular casino games. If you are like others, wondering what is so special about this game, why they are so popular and how to win at slots, read on to find all the answers to all your queries.

The first question that may spring to your mind is what exactly these real series slots games are. Well, these games are actually not very old, and are the reason why they are played with so much enthusiasm.

5 and not 3 reels

It is this new factor of the game that provides an element of surprise and freshness to the game, and its increased popularity. Real Time Gaming powers these casino slots online machines, which are the newest, hottest and most entertaining games available today.

If you are a person who wants to play easy, but entertaining games, then these games are just what you are looking for. Unlike the normal slots machines which have three reels, these games have five reels and thus offer as many as 25 play line for you to try your luck at.

Random mode

Another point worth mentioning about this game is that all its five wheels have scatters and wilds. The bonus rounds are activated by three or more wild-and-scatter combinations. The higher is the number of combinations, the bigger are the chances of your winning big payouts.

In case of jackpots, there is also a random mode wherein players can play at any machine at any time, and win the game with big profits. Playing slots online for real money is thus the best way to enjoy and have fun. These games let you enjoy surprise money through jackpots, as long as you first play the game.

Play safe

If you have the money and instincts to gamble, aim for big stakes. if you play online slots for real money with large stakes, you can earn lots of money. However if you don’t want to take risks and prefer playing it safe, it’s possible.

You can also play real series slots in a free play mode to just learn more about the game and enjoy yourself. Sites offering these games generally offer both options; play for free or for real money. It is up to you to make your choice- if you should play slots online for real money or if you plan to play it just for fun.


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